Mary McGary, Licensed Cosmetologist and Owner

It was pretty clear early on that I was destined to become a hairstylist.  As a little girl I often ran around with my mother’s portable hairdryer, elastic cap on my head with the hose attached and case in hand. By high school I was braiding teammates’ hair before

 field hockey games and cutting their bangs during study hall.  My family was very willing to let me give them makeovers or even perms!  To this day I appreciate the faith they all had in me even then.   I was always fascinated by the deft movements of hands and shears by one particular stylist.  However like any typical teen, I would have to go home and style it my way!  When the time came to try to cut my hair like she had done I could never quite hit the mark so back to Nancy I would go.  I was constantly watching, learning and practicing.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. After years of happily and successfully working in salons for other people an opportunity presented itself which was just too right not to pursue. First, I met a wonderful man who was to become my husband. Then, in our first year of marriage he decided, with my whole-hearted support, it was time to pursue his dream of becoming a massage therapist.  I soon realized that our careers converged in a way we had not anticipated and our vision for Balance was conceived.  

We both share a passion to help people feel better. Even after all these years I still find it immensely gratifying and soul satisfying when someone looks in the mirror after I am done and smiles at what they see. It’s more than just knowing that they know they can recreate it for themselves the next day, although that is important, it is because they know they look better and in turn they feel better. I truly love being a part of that.