Mary McGary, Licensed Cosmetologist and Owner

The art of hair.

Its an artistic talent and skill to understand style and how to connect it to the human desire to feel good about ones’ self. Its an entirely different skill to develop the capacity to listen to personal life stories through the beauty and the struggles we all go through and earn trust.

I opened Balance after 20 years in the business and knew success was about perseverance and trusting my instincts as well as my gut. 

As well it was a further opportunity to serve others one by one. This career is so much more than a job. This journey has enabled me to find compassion, empathy, love and friendship beyond what I could ever imagine. 

I am proud to have been able to provide a work space for many through the years, each one bringing something special and unique and lessons for all. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and talent and never settle for less than our best efforts at Balance.

When I am not at the studio you can find me kayaking, hiking, painting, working out at LA Training with my soulmate Ryan, playing with my grand daughters or with the very best of friends and family.

Life is now…LIVE IT