Tom McGary, Licensed Massage Therapist and Co-Owner

2012-01-09 14.28.08.jpgBeing a massage therapist is the second most rewarding job I have ever had – and I have had some great jobs. I have been a: lobsterman, dancer, DJ, dance teacher, landscaper, carpenter, spring water distributor, fabric sculptor, kickboxing instructor and now, a massage therapist.

As you can see, I’ve been drawn to nature and the human body so it seems only fitting that I am now helping people in such a natural way. I feel it is not enough to simply understand anatomy, physiology or massage techniques. In order to be most effective, I strive to use creativity and innovation with every client. As a massage therapist, I have the opportunity to make a positive and immediate impact on someone’s life – plus, everyone is always so happy to see me!

In my spare time I love to work in my gardens or go sea kayaking with my beautiful wife Mary. What is my most enjoyable and rewarding job ever? -being a father to my wonderful son, Caleb.

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