Important Facts to Know About Massage

Massage releases toxins that have been stored in the muscles back into the bloodstream.  It is very important to rehydrate by drinking plenty of water throughout the day after a massage.  We recommend increases your water intake during the 24 hour period after your massage.

A massage should always be an enjoyable experience. This work does NOT have to hurt to be highly effective. Your therapist will work with you to determine the appropriate style and pressure that works best for them you. Whenever you receive a massage, or any type of bodywork, your comfort is the top priority. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the session: too hot/cold, too much/little pressure, too much talking, or techniques that do not feel good to you, please say something. A professional therapist will never be offended by your input and can use that information to customize each session for maximum benefit. Remember, this is your session and you should be satisfied with the complete experience.