The Green List

At Balance we take the environment very seriously.  We have designed the salon with as many green features as possible and incorporate green initiatives into our everyday work.  In addition, we believe that an all-natural approach to your daily routines can increase the health of your hair.

Over washing can damage your hair, remove color and cause dry ends and scalp.  We advise washing every other day (this also saves on cost!). Pureology hair care delivers gentle yet effective cleansing with the most luxurious ingredients.  Sandalwood, geranium, rose, soy, chamomile, olive oil, and mushroom extract all help achieve optimum results. Make sure all dryers and irons have the most recent technologies.  These qualities such as ionic, tourmaline infused, ceramic and many more help deliver the heat in a more effective less damaging way than older options.  We use GHD irons that have sensors in both plates that allow for self adjusting heat.

At Balance Hair & Body, we:

  • Recycle all cardboard, paper, magazines, plastics, glass, metal, tin foil
  • Donate all packing material (bubble wrap, peanuts, foam, etc) to a local moving company for reuse
  • Generate only 1-2 small (13 gallon) trash bags per week 
  • Compost food waste and hair
  • Insulated and weatherized our building envelope to reduce heating/ cooling impact
  • Installed a high efficiency natural gas boiler and super insulated hot water maker
  • Installed replacement energy efficient windows to reduce heat loss and added UV absorbing film to reduce heat gain in summer
  • The above three measures cut our energy consumption by over 50%
  • Installed energy efficient and low water use washer/dryer
  • Installed low flow toilets
  • Use organic/natural concentrated hand and laundry soaps as well as all of our cleaning supplies
  • Installed compact fluorescent bulbs for interior and exterior lighting
  • Installed LED lighting for exterior signs
  • Wash and reuse tea cups and water glasses
  • Use restored and repurposed furniture throughout the salon
  • Serve tap water with lemon and/or cucumber
  • Limit use of the printer and post-it notes – recycle scrap paper for notes
  • Recycle our ink cartridges
  • Use recycled paper towels, toilet tissue and retail bags
  • Buy shampoos, conditioners and massage oils in bulk to refill our in salon supplies
  • Use a makeup line that provides refills-customers buy the product in the case initially and then can purchase just the refill to reuse the case.
  • Use sulfate free and botanical hair and skin products