Massage Therapy

Whether you are looking to rejuvenate with a relaxing massage or work on an area that is bothering you, I can provide a customized massage therapy session designed to provide the best results for your needs. I will draw upon my years of experience and continuing education in such areas as: myofascial release and unwinding, deep tissue, visceral manipulation, cupping, gua sha and sports stretching to tailor a massage just for you. I hope to see you soon! Tom

Massage Pricing (unless otherwise noted) 

30 minutes   $45
60 minutes   $78
90 minutes   $110

On-Site Seated Chair Massage

We are happy to provide on-site seated chair massages at your workplace. Using a specially designed massage chair, our professional therapist can target areas that are prone to stress and tension. Anyone, in any workplace, can benefit from on-site seated chair massage. 

Please call for pricing. 

What Massage Technique Is Right For Me?

At Balance, we practice many different massage techniques.  Your therapist will consult with you to determine the most effective technique for your situation. Swedish/Relaxation You and your...

Important Facts to Know About Massage

Massage releases toxins that have been stored in the muscles back into the bloodstream.  It is very important to rehydrate by drinking plenty of water throughout the day after a massage.  We...